Online First Articles


Once the peer-review and proof have been finalized, an article is ready for Online First publication and can be published as an article preview with the DOI number. While an article preview has yet to be assigned to a volume or issue, it does have a digital object identifier (DOI) and is fully citable.


A Holistic View of the Tourist Experience of Generation Z
Öznur Akgiş İlhan, Tuğçe Özoğul Balyalı, Semra Günay


The Effect of Price and Security on Tourism Demand: Panel Quantile Regression Approach
M. Koray Çetin, M. Serhan Sekreter, Mehmet Mert


Self-enhancement and negative word-of-mouth intention: Mediating role of vengeance and moderated mediation model of helping other consumers and gender
Emrah Tokgöz, Onur Şaylan


Bibliometric Analysis and Literature Review of Mountain Tourism


Destination and Sport Event: Image, Attachment and Loyalty Relationship
Echo Perdana Kusumah


Determinants of Tourism Demand in Context of Environmental Quality
Dilek Özdemir, Bengü Tosun


Drivers of Employee Dis/Satisfaction: A Comparison of Tourism and Sports Industries
Ali Sevilmiş, Metin Kozak, İlknur Özdemir


The Nexus between Tourism Sector Performance and Institutional Quality: Evidence from Ten Most-Visited Developing Countries
Betül Pişkin, Mert Öğretmenoğlu


Antecedents of Gastronomy Destination Brand Equity: An Examination of Gastronomy Experience, Motivation, and Destination Satisfaction
Davut Kodaş, Çağıl Hale Özel


Analysis of Tourists’ Length of Stay in Pokhara, Nepal
Nirajan Bam


Factors that Influence Attendance, Satisfaction, and Loyalty for Virtual Events
Ozen Kırant Yozcu, Hülya Kurgun, Demet Bağıran


Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism: Evidence from SAM Assessments of Hungary and Turkey
Ali Akkemik, Denes Perlaky


Influence of Managerial Coaching on Service-Oriented Citizenship Behaviours: The Mediating Role of Service Quality Commitment in The Malaysian Hotel Industry During the Pandemic Outbreak
Yip Yen San, I-chi Chen, Lee Peng Ng


Examining the Effect of Airport Environment on Perceived Image, Memorable Experiences and Passenger Relational Behaviours
Pipatpong Fakfare


Imagined Futures of post-Covid-19 Tourism in Antalya
Hilal Erkuş, Pieter Terhorst


Film-Induced Effects and Intention to Visit: The Intervening Role of Country Image of South Korea
Jae Ann Dela Cruz, Jean Paolo Lacap