Online First Articles


Once the peer-review and proof have been finalized, an article is ready for Online First publication and can be published as an article preview with the DOI number. While an article preview has yet to be assigned to a volume or issue, it does have a digital object identifier (DOI) and is fully citable.


Symmetrical Adoption Pattern of the Digital Sharing Economy
Karan Mehta, Chetan Panse


Robotic Solutions for the Challenges of Human Labor: Managers Perspective
Abdullah Akgün


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Hospitality Employees’ Work Outcomes
Aslı Ersoy, Rüya Ehtiyar


Research to Determine the Potential Use of Humanoid (Anthropomorphic) Robots in Accommodation Facilities
Zuhal Çilingir Ük, Yaşar Gültekin, Cansu Köksal, Seden Doğan


Assessing Destination Brand Associations on Twitter: The case of Istanbul
Cihangir Kasapoğlu, Ramazan Aksoy, Melih Başkol


Investigation of antecedents and consequences of usefulness in online travel communities: The moderating role of decision making stage
Bindu Ranga, Ranbir Singh, Indu Ranga