Volume 7, Issue 2, 2019

Beykan Çizel
Page vii
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Gastronomic Identity of Gaziantep: Perceptions of Tourists and Residents
Belma Suna and Maria D. Alvarez
Pages 167-187
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Insight from Insiders: A Phenomenological Study for Exploring Food Tourism Policy in Ireland 2009-2019
Ketty Quigley, Margaret Connolly, Elaine Mahon, and Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
Pages 188-215
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Enogastronomy in Northern Portugal: Destination Cooperation and Regional Identity
Susana Rachão, Zélia Breda, Carlos Fernandes, and Veronika Joukes
Pages 216-237
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The Effects of Food-Related Motivation, Local Food Involvement, and Food Satisfaction on Destination Loyalty: The Case of Angeles City, Philippines
Jean Paolo G. Lacap
Pages 238-257
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The Paradox of Cracker Barrel: A Case Study on Place and Placelessness
Meredith Gregory and Caitlin Finlayson
Pages 258-276
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Thanks to Reviewers

Pages 277-278
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