Volume 7, Issue 1, 2019

Survival of Firms in Crisis: Evidence from Antalya Tourism City
Kemal Türkcan and Hilal Erkuş-Öztürk
Pages 1-23
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Determining Turkish Households’ Tourism Consumption Expenditures in Economic Crisis
Hasan Gül
Pages 24-37
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Predictors of Satisfaction for American Aesthetic Tourism at the Mexican Border
Karen Ramos and Onesimo Cuamea
Pages 38-56
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The Effect of Dynamic Pricing on Holiday Purchase Intentions: Moderated Mediation Role of Perceived Risk
Edin Güçlü Sözer
Pages 57-84
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The Empirical Evidence on Tourism-Urbanization-CO2 Emissions Nexus
Elma Satrovic and Adnan Muslija
Pages 85-105
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The Effects of P-O Ethical Fit, Expected Pay and Corporate Image on Job Choice Decision
Zhu-ying Wang and Wen-ching Chang
Pages 106-123
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The Effect of Interactive IT Table Service on Consumer’s Revisit Intention
Amanda Lin, Esther Ma, and Brendan T. Chen
Pages 124-136
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The Impacts of Host Photos on Consumer Purchase Probability In P2P Short-Term Rental Platform: Mediating Effect of Initial Trust
Hui Wu, Jing Chen, Muhittin Cavusoglu, and Cihan Cobanoglu
Pages 137-158
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Practical Tourism Research
Ece Omuris
Pages 159-161
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An Anthropological Insight on the Commonalities between Tourism and Archaeology
Maximiliano Korstanje
Pages 162-166
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