Volume 4, Issue 2, 2016

Explaining Perceived Impacts of All-Inclusive Resorts through Community Attachment
Emrullah ERUL and Kyle M. WOOSNAM
Pages 83-106
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Inward Internationalization of African-Ethnic Restaurants: The Role of Managerial Dynamic Capabilities
Samson Omuudu OTENGEI, Geofrey BAKUNDA, Mohammed NGOMA, Joseph M. NTAYI, and John C. MUNUNENE
Pages 107-136
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What Will Future Bring for Tourism and Travel? (Opinion Piece)
Pages 137-139
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Applying Game Theory and Time Series in Smith Travel Accommodation Resort (STAR)
Xuan TRAN, Ni Putu Kumala DEWI, Zachary JENKINS, Duy TRAN, and Ngoc VO
Pages 140-161
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Page 162
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