Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016

Job Stressors, Emotional Exhaustion and Service Recovery in Independent Quick Service Restaurants in Egypt: An Empirical Investigation
Mohammed ESSAWY
Pages 1-16
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Why Do Hong Kong Young People Like to Visit Japan? An Exploratory Study (Research Note)
Jing (Bill) XU and Pimtong TAVITIYAMAN
Pages 17-25
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Why Citation Impact is so Important for Tourism Researchers (Essay Review)
Maximiliano E. KORSTANJE
Pages 26-31
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Playing for First Place: An Analysis of Online Reviews and Their Impact on Local Market Rankings
Dipendra SINGH, Edwin N. TORRES, and April ROBERTSON-RING
Pages 32-51
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Tourism in a World of Risks (Essay Review)
Maximiliano E. KORSTANJE, Geoffrey SKOLL, Ashley SCHROEDER, Lori PENNINGTON-GRAY, and Maite Echarri CHAVEZ
Pages 52-69
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Developing Wine Tourism: An Exploratory Study of Wineries in Newfoundland
Roselyne N. OKECH
Pages 70-82
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