Volume 2, Issue 1, 2014

Editors’ Introduction
Bahattin Özdemir
Page v
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Sharia-compliant hotels in Egypt: Concept and chanllenges
Hesham Ezzat Saad, Badran Nabil Ali and Abdel- aleem Magdy Abdel-Ati
Pages 1 - 15
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Strategic innovation: An empirical study on hotel firms operating in Antalya region :
Fatma Nur İplik, Yunus Topsakal and Oğuz Doğan
Pages 16 - 29
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Service quality and customer satisfaction in Chinese fast food sector: A proposal for CFFRSERV
Qingqing Tan, Ade Oriade and Paul Fallon
Pages 30 - 53
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The embedding convergence of smart cities and tourism internet of things in China: An advance perspective
Yang Guo, Hongbo Liu and Yi Chai
Pages 54 - 69
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