Volume 11, Issue 2, 2023

Destination and sport event: image, attachment and loyalty relationship
Echo Perdana Kusumah
Page: 191-209
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Drivers of Employee Dis/Satisfaction: A Comparison of Tourism and Sports Industries
Ali Sevilmiş, Metin Kozak, İlknur Özdemir
Page: 210-234
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Self-enhancement and negative word-of-mouth intention: mediating role of vengeance and moderated mediation model of helping other consumers and gender
Emrah Tokgöz, Onur Şaylan
Page: 235-255
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The effect of price and security on tourism demand: panel quantile regression approach
M. Koray Çetin, M. Serhan Sekreter, Mehmet Mert
Page: 256-276
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The nexus between tourism sector performance and institutional quality: evidence from ten most-visited developing countries
Betül Pişkin, Mert Öğretmenoğlu
Page: 277-293
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Determinants of tourism demand in context of environmental quality
Dilek Özdemir, Bengü Tosun
Page: 294-316
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Bibliometric analysis and literature review of mountain tourism
Page: 317-340
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